A Great Place For Your Child

You will find children busy digging cities in the sandbox, climbing our play structures, feeding chickens, building with blocks, creating colorful pieces of art, singing and dancing, dressing up and playing make believe, or deep in a story with a teacher or helping parent. Our preschool day incorporates a balance of different experiences: self-initiated and guided; group and individual; active and quiet; fine and gross-motor.

A Great Place For You

We participate in our children’s early education in part because we know it’s a ton of fun and we wouldn’t want to miss it. But we also know that as we show up each day, we are fostering in our children a love of learning and a love of school. The time we spend now making macaroni sculptures or playing tricycle traffic cop or building unit block highways benefits our children in ways that endure well beyond their few years here at Parents Nursery School.

What we don’t always predict is how much we parents will be enriched by this experience. Parents Nursery School creates a place where families spend time together. We work together at our weekly teaching jobs, our fundraisers, and our maintenance days; we chat and play together in the classroom, the playground, the school kitchen, and in each other’s homes. We come together at Carnival, Parents’ Night Out, class potlucks, and night meetings, where we can speak with other adults without little ears to hear. It is this time we spend together that allows us to create the support structure and lasting friendships that we cherish, not only for our children, but for us as well.

We are all passionate about our children. Working together, we at Parents Nursery School create a time in their lives, and ours, that we will all cherish for years well beyond the ones we spend here.

Come join us. Contact us for a visit.