A warm friendly community

The Doss Family


Parents Nursery School was exactly what our family needed – a warm friendly community that embraced us into its fold and gently navigated us through the preschool years. It would have been so much harder if we didn’t have this amazing support system to guide and comfort us through it all. We treasure the solid foundation it provided to the kids and to us parents and will always cherish the memories of those happy days. Love the warm teachers, the friendly parents and the amazing school environment, there’s only one Parents Nursery School and we’re so proud to have been part of this unique community.

Ready for kindergarten



We moved to the area the summer before my daughter’s last year of preschool. Thanks to Parents Nursery School, within weeks we were part of a community and had some new friends. My daughter thrived during that year, and by the end, she was confident and ready to make the move to kindergarten! The experience for our family was absolutely priceless.

Lucky to find PNS



We feel so lucky to have found Parents Nursery School. We couldn’t ask for better teachers, a more supportive community, or a more stimulating environment — including chickens and guineas, sand and water, things to climb, many activities to explore, and so much more!


Joan Bigwood


I’ve just come back from a picnic in Mitchell Park with five Parents Nursery School families. Next week, I will meet a different group of Parents Nursery School moms for our weekly hike to the Dish. Ten years since we met, and we still haven’t stopped swapping parenting stories–though the issues we face have perhaps got a little more complicated! The solidarity we feel is stronger than ever. There’s nothing quite like Parents Nursery School to bring you and your family into community, and to keep you there.

My twins favorite place

Rhonda Whitney


For two years, Parents Nursery School has been my twins’ (Pryce and Marley) favorite place in the world … and mine also. The place that we feel accepted, encouraged, and inspired to be all WE can become. Being the mother of 3 adult children did NOT make me feel confident as a mother; but our experiences and relationships at Parents Nursery School has helped me become the mother I always aspired to be and helped me to allow my children to become their authentic selves.