Creativity With No Limits!

We all love when our kids get to explore their creative sides. At PNS there’s always many possibilities to be creative. Every day you will find an art station both inside and outside and art can be many things… Most of the kids go all in and we let them 🙂

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Obama phone + Video
Obama phone Obama phone How to Get an Obama Phone or Internet How to Get a Free Phone and Free Internet Service if You are Low Income Low income families may be eligible for a free or low-cost “Obama phone” (a Low-income “lifeline”) or even free “Obama internet” (Low-income Broadband). You can get a cell phone or land line, and even broadband (in some limited regions for now) by taking advantage of the FCC’s “Life-line” program directly through many of the nation’s telecommunications providers (like Verizon and ATT). Those making less than 135% of the poverty level may qualify for …
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