Parent Involvement & Membership Requirements

Parents Nursery School is a cooperative nursery school operated by a group of parents who take an active interest in their children’s first educational experience. Parent participation not only keeps our school running smoothly, but also creates a rich environment where children and parents thrive. All families are expected to fulfill their annual membership requirements:

  • Work in the classroom one morning per week, under the direction of a credentialed teacher. Workday parents arrive at 9:00am to help the teachers in the day’s preparation and stay until 12:45pm to assist with daily housekeeping and clean-up.
  • Attend parent education classes, parent meetings and potlucks (usually one-two evenings per month).
  • Participate in two 4 hour maintenance days on a weekend (one per semester) to help with the general upkeep of our school
  • Complete a Member Job to help with the administrative part of running the school (sample jobs include food shopping, newsletter, fundraising, finance, etc.) A full list of jobs is available once your child is enrolled.
  • Participate in our Fall Carnival and Spring fundraising events (9 hours in the fall, 3 hours in the spring).
  • Payment of tuition
  • Submission of emergency information forms prior to the start of school
  • Submission of health forms prior to the start of school (as required by the State Health Department)

Parent Education

Parents are an integral part of the school, working together with the teachers/directors as the administrators and officers of the school. Each family shares in the business operation of the school, thus making it truly a cooperative venture. At our evening classes we discuss education topics designed to help us both as parents and as parent-teachers in the classroom.

One parent per child attends a 2-2 1/2 hour parent education class, usually 1-2 times per month. These parent education classes are held either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings depending on the class in which your child is enrolled.

PNS families say it was well worth their commitment. Parents and children have the pleasure of learning and playing side by side. Families build a strong community of friends that can last a lifetime. Teachers provide invaluable insights into parenting and child development.

Parent education classes are taught through lecture, discussion and observation of children. Parent education classes are for adults only; children do not attend this portion of the program.