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Updated October 2020


COVID-19 will likely require us to make adaptations to our procedures. We are watchfully waiting and gathering information in order to reopen in a way that is safe for children, parents, and teachers. Please contact our Registrar for the latest information.

COVID-19 has resulted in changes at PNS for the 2020/21 school year. This year, we are offering both in-person, outdoor classes as well as an at-home virtual class.

We are relieved to tell you that PNS is currently open, and, in strict accordance with all health and safety guidelines, we are running two very small in-person outdoor classes and one remote class called “PNS-at-Home.”

However, due to the pandemic, we need to reach out for additional support. Our current loss is expected to be $20,000. Because our in-person classes need to be so small, and because we are unable to have our biggest annual fundraiser – the Carnival – we are hoping you’ll consider donating to PNS as we face this year’s uncertainties.

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New program: PNS-at-Home

Join our PNS community from the comfort of your home. PNS-at-Home is a program we’ve developed to nurture our families who are not yet ready to join us on campus. It consists of a virtual component as well as a weekly activity box.

Learn more about PNS-at-Home