Parents Nursery School

Co-op nursery school in Palo Alto

Play-based learning.
Parent participation.

Spring Gala

Saturday, April 29th, 2023
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Parents Nursery School is a non-profit, parent-driven nursery school in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Established in 1949, we have a rich history based on our diverse community of families from Palo Alto and the surrounding areas.

Our teaching philosophy


We provide children and their families a nurturing, developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum. Our students develop in areas such as creativity, cooperation, peaceful conflict resolution, and kindergarten readiness.


Parents work alongside the teachers in the classroom to nurture each child's development. We require parents to attend evening parent education meetings (about once monthly). These help parents provide progressive, developmentally-appropriate care at school and home.


Our school is organized and administered by the parents, and is guided by the direction of trained teachers. Its success depends on the collaborative efforts of all members. We all work together to provide the best environment for each child to learn and grow.