Parents Nursery School


PNS is owned and operated by its families. Each of us plays a role in making sure the wheels are always turning.

PNS is a cooperative nursery school run by a group of parents who take an active interest in their children’s first educational experience. Parent participation creates a rich environment where children and parents thrive.

Membership benefits

PNS provides children the opportunity to:

  • Learn through a play-based environment
  • Develop skills and self-mastery needed for kindergarten at their own pace
  • Learn to respect each other
  • Treat each other with kindness
  • Create first friendships
  • Be supported within a large, caring community
  • Play in the best play yard in town!


PNS provides adults the opportunity to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of child development
  • Become a more informed and effective parent
  • Build lifelong friendships
  • Share the highs and lows of parenting in a safe, understanding environment


Membership requirements

All families are expected to fulfill their annual membership requirements:

  • Work in the classroom one morning per week, under the direction of a credentialed teacher. Workday parents arrive at 9:00am to help the teachers in the day’s preparation and stay until 12:45pm to assist with daily housekeeping and clean-up.
  • Attend parent education classes, parent meetings, and potlucks (usually one to two evenings per month).
  • Participate in two 4-hour maintenance days on the weekend (one per semester) to help with the general upkeep of our school
  • Complete a Membership Job to help with the administrative part of running the school (sample jobs include food shopping, newsletter, fundraising, finance, etc.) 
  • Participate in our Fall Carnival and Spring fundraising events (nine hours in the fall, three hours in the spring).
  • Payment of tuition
  • Submission of emergency information forms before the start of school
  • Submission of health forms prior to the start of school (as required by Licensing)