Parents Nursery School


Got questions?

Here, we have collected the most typical questions we get from prospective families. If you have any other questions, you are always welcome to get in touch with our registrar.

Registration and tuition

You are more than welcome to visit the school. In fact, we highly encourage you to come by while classes are in session.

Every year, we also have Open Houses, where you can come by and see the school and chat with teachers and families. Open Houses are announced on our website and on Facebook.

Please contact our registrar to schedule a session.

That depends on the class.

For Parent Observation your child must be 2 years by September 1st to enroll.

For Mixed-Age classes your child must be at least 2.5 years by September 1st to enroll.

For Pre-K your child must be 4 years by September 1st to enroll in the current school year. This class is intended and reserved for children entering kindergarten the following school year.

You find information about tuition and fees here, where you can also read more about applying for scholarships.

PNS is a co-op and it is essential that every family participates both in teaching in the classroom as well as all other aspects of running a school.

Each week, parents with children in our Mixed-Age classes and Pre-K class has a teaching day in the classroom. These are planned and supervised by our teachers/directors.

We also have additional job responsibilities, which we you can read more about under Membership.

No. Children do not have to be potty-trained prior to enrollment.

Depending on availability and spaces in the other classes, we do offer extra days at an extra cost.

Children in mixed age can get up to two extra days. Children in Pre-K can get one extra day.

Please contact our registrar to learn more about adding extra days.

Yes, as long as we have space, you are welcome to join mid-semester. We prorate tuition by month (ex: if you join in March, you will pay tuition for March through May).

Our classrooms are well ventilated with doors and windows open. We are washing our hands often and sanitizing surfaces.

Masks: Masks are optional for children and adults. We do require masks to be worn in certain situations which are defined in our health policy.

Safety at snack time: Snack is served on individual plates rather than "family style", and the tables and seating are spaced out during snack time.

Vaccination and testing:Adults are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We follow the Santa Clara Public Health guidelines for situations such as close contacts, testing and isolation requirements, international travel, etc.

Read more about how we've adjusted our school to be safe during COVID-19.

School days at PNS

School is in session from 9:15 am to 12:15pm. On the days, where parents are teaching in the classrooms, they need to arrive at 9am.

Read more about a typical day in for Parent Observation, in Mixed-Age and in Pre-K.

If you cannot work on your teaching day, you must arrange a substitute by trading teaching days with another parent. We do this by reaching out to the other parents in our group through our internal communication app.

It is important for you to find a replacement because your absence decreases the teacher/child ratio in your class and because each parent is vital to the effectiveness of the program. Occasional tidy up and organizing days will be assigned.

Yes, children are provided a healthy and tasty snack at 10:45.

All snacks are served and eaten “family style” to create a social environment which encourages children to taste everything and to encourage independent eating skills. Children are invited to “pass the fruit, please,” help themselves to seconds, and to pour their own milk.

We will make every effort to work with you and your child to accommodate special dietary needs. If allergies or food restrictions are severe, we may ask you to provide supplemental food items.

COVID-19 UPDATE: As a safety precaution, snack is served on individual plates, and children are free to choose what, and how much they would like to eat, and encouraged to ask for seconds.

On a typical day, every class has two trained teachers plus at least four parent teachers.

We do require that either a parent or grandparent be the one to do the weekly teaching day. You put the "parents" in Parents Nursery School!

Nannies and au pairs are welcome to drop off and pick up children on the other two or three days they attend school.